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Dec 10

3 Trees from Our Native Plant Sale that Make Great Christmas Trees

Posted on December 10, 2018 at 3:41 PM by Kristen McIvor

jolly holiday Checkout these trees and more: http://www.piercenativeplantsale.com/

The Douglas-fir has been a popular Christmas tree option since the 1920’s and makes up half of all Christmas trees grown in the U.S. This evergreen has a full pyramid shape with blue or dark green leaves that are soft, flat and grow in bunches. Douglas-firs are a great choice for your Christmas Tree because they retain their needles fairly well and hold a strong, citrus fragrance. If you’re looking for a large, traditional cone-shaped tree that are great for elegant ornament hanging, Douglas-fir is your tree!

Noble Fir

This is the most popular Christmas tree, and for good reason! Our resident tree expert The Glean Giant loves the Noble Fir because it has the best spacing for hanging Christmas ornaments. It’s dense, evenly spaced branches on the trunk help it hold even heavy decorations. They also make wonderful wreaths!

Sick of your tree raining needles for you to sweep? Then the Noble Fir is for you, having the best needle retention rate of all the conifers.

If you want a giant Christmas tree that you can decorate year after year, the Noble Fir can grow up to 230 feet tall, and will be a striking centerpiece that grows happily in any Pacific Northwestern landscape.

Grand Fir

This large PNW native is a great choice for a festive indoor or outdoor tree. It’s evenly spaced, flat needles have a yellow-green hue with a white stripe beneath the needle. Grand Fir produces beautiful, thick foliage with a spicy-Christmasy scent. Strong branches (but not great for heavy ornaments) and softer needles make the Grand Fir better for homes with kids & pets.This tree will have the glossiest finish of the bunch and is becoming more popular as a Christmas tree.