Harvest Pierce County

Welcome  to the rich world of growing, sharing, and harvesting food! Did you know that Pierce County boasts a network of over 90 community food projects? In addition to these gardens, orchards, and food forests, the community is working to build strong webs of food security through volunteer efforts like the Gleaning Project and Share the Harvest. Citizens are coming together with the belief that everyone deserves access to fresh, healthy, and affordable produce.  

Community Gardens, orchards, and food forests are as diverse as the plants that grow in them. In addition to providing physical nourishment and being a space for tomatoes to ripen and zucchinis to multiply, they satisfy other needs. These spaces can help fill our hunger for connection — connection to one-another and to our earth. Growing plants can help bring people together, educate our youth, and be a way to give back to the community in need.  

Whether your community is interested in starting their own garden or orchard or volunteering with one of our programs, the opportunities for engagement are endless. We are excited to work with you and to support and celebrate your efforts!

Harvest Pierce County by Program