Aug 01

Bring Home Some Green! Apply For a Mini-Grant Today!

Posted on August 1, 2022 at 5:30 PM by Camila Matamala-Ost

Summer is back in the Pacific Northwest, and the last thing most folks want to do on a hot summer day is mow the lawn. Instead, we look for relief from the heat in shady trees and pavement-free green spaces. And watering your garden during the summer can be expensive! Many of us search for ways to water our vegetables without racking up a huge water bill. 

Get up to $4,000 to support Rain Gardens, Urban Habitat Projects, Depave Projects, or Rain Tanks.

PCD is here to help transform your property into a green oasis!

For a second year, we are pleased to offer Green Stormwater mini-grants. These grants pay for projects that remove lawns and pavement, capture rainwater, and bring native plants in urban spaces.

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May 29

Middle Schoolers Restore White River

Posted on May 29, 2022 at 1:38 PM by Camila Matamala-Ost

Four Glacier Middle schoolers move mulch to add to newly planted trees along the White River.

Over the course of several days in May, students from Glacier Middle School in Buckley ventured to a restoration site on the White River to get some work done. Over 100 native plants had been installed at the site and the blackberries loomed menacingly on the outskirts of the planting area. The 8th graders dug up those blackberry roots, placed burlap and mulch, and practiced their plant identification skills. 

The 14 classes were quite the workforce and we appreciate their help, just as we're sure they appreciated getting outside for a brief break from state testing!

Apr 27

County Council Proclaims May as Wildfire Awareness Month

Posted on April 27, 2022 at 4:59 PM by Camila Matamala-Ost

Norse Peak on fire in 2017. Smoke takes up over half of the picture.Pierce County, WA - The Pierce County Council issued a proclamation at its April 26th meeting instituting May as the County’s “Wildfire Awareness Month.” The proclamation underscores how wildfire risk and severity in Western Washington is trending in the wrong direction, along with the need to deliver meaningful action to mitigate these risks.

Over the past few years, wildfires have begun to show up in our “backyards.” With our summers getting drier, hotter, and smokier, we're all looking for ways to protect ourselves from wildfire risks.

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