Gleaning Project

The Gleaning Project is a volunteer powered program of Harvest Pierce County that works to reduce local produce waste, provide more fresh food to those in need, and build community. This project is a response to the dramatic increase in the number of people seeking food assistance in our county. Our Glean Teams harvest from both farms and backyard fruit trees, then share the bounty with local food banks, shelters, and families in need. Volunteers also take a portion home as a thank you for all their hard work!    

For questions please contact:

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Volunteer Opportunities: 

To sign up to volunteer or register your crop please visit:

  • Harvester: Harvesters are volunteers who participate in gleaning events by helping to pick, sort,Photo_Gleaning_Urban Fruit Harvest class= and weigh produce that is harvested. You do not need to attend a training to become a harvester because a Harvest Leader will train you during the gleaning event.                                                              
  • Branch Leader: This person will work closely with the Harvest Pierce County team. They are responsible for leading urban fruit harvests and scouting fruit trees to assure the fruit is ripe for the picking. In addition, Branch Leaders are responsible for assuring the produce gets dropped off to local food banks and recording the harvest data. Since all volunteers get to take home a portion of the harvest, Branch Leaders have access to fresh fruit all season long. Also Branch Leaders are provided extensive educational opportunities including grafting and propagating the best cultivars of Pierce County! This is the perfect opportunity for people who like to preserve food and who want to give back to the community. We ask that Branch Leaders be available on a consistent day and can commit to the entire season. Branch Leaders will be paid an hourly wage and be considered a contract seasonal employee.  Job posting will be shared via our social media and posted here sometime in June.  Contact Devon at if you are interested!