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Dec 03

Annual Seed Swap

Posted on December 3, 2018 at 3:39 PM by Allan Warren

2018_2_8_HPC_SeedSwap-43At our Annual Seed Swap, gardeners share stories, potluck dishes, and the seeds they’ve saved from the previous growing season.
Every seed has a story – the land and climate that has shaped them, the hands that carried them from one place to the next, and the people’s lives they touched along the way. For Harvest Pierce County’s 7th annual Seed Swap, we are celebrating these stories and inviting folks from Pierce County share some of theirs.

If you have a seed whose history is story-worthy, please register here or call (253)845-9770 to sign up for 5 minutes at the microphone.

The evening will include a traditional seed swap and potluck. Bring any seeds you have saved to share, and please:
  • Divide your seeds 
  • Label your seeds with Variety and Type
  • Tell us how old your seeds are (or write “unknown” if they are quite old) 
When you arrive, please divide your seeds by seed types (signs will be placed around the room). After eating and sorting are through, we then call each table up one at a time. HPC will be “seeding” the seeds with some donations we have received from local seed companies.

Please feel free to invite friends, family, neighbors, fellow gardeners! We look forward to kicking off the season with you!