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Mar 12

Edible Gardens Classes for 2018

Posted on March 12, 2018 at 11:01 AM by Allan Warren

Grace Elgar-Wood Franklin Community Garden
Grace Elgar-Wood enjoying ?the fruit trees Franklin Park Community Garden.

Harvest Pierce County, Pierce County Public Works and Franklin Pierce School District are coordinating to host the sixth year of the Edible GardensWorkshop Series. With eight different workshop topics taught in five different locations, you’ll surely be able to find one that suits your goals for this growing season. Want to learn how to grow an amazing garden all in containers? Curious about a pesky bug that’s been eating your vegetables? Take a peak at one of the free Edible Gardens classes near you and chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for. Classes are all designed specifically for Pierce County’s unique garden growing assets and are the perfect boost to seasoned and new gardeners alike.

LRI SponsorThere is a common misperception that one must be born with a “Green Thumb” to successfully grow vegetables. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Everyone has the capacity to garden and grow a healthy and productive vegetable garden; but we could all use a little help. A great big shout out to LRI who continue to sponsor these classes. These wouldn’t be possible without their contribution.

To register for these classes, please
visit the link below or call:
(253) 798-4133

  • Graham (GRA), 6–8 p.m. Graham Library, 9202 224th St. E 
  • Midland (MID), 6–8 p.m. Franklin Pierce Farm (NRSC) 9516 Waller Rd. E 
  • Parkland (PAR), 6–8 p.m. Parkland/Spanaway Library 13718 Pacific Ave. S 
  • Puyallup (PUY), 6–8 p.m. WSU Puyallup (Victoria Room at the Master Gardener Demonstration Garden), 2607 W Pioneer 
  • Tacoma (TAC), 10 a.m.–12 p.m. Metro Parks Tacoma, 4702 S 19th St.

Classes & Dates:
Fruit, Nuts & Berries
Best practices for pruning, planting and maintenance of your edible, perennial trees & shrubs. Taught by local perennial expect, Pamela Draper, seen here teaching a class last yearat Blueberry Park.Pamela Draper Blueberry Park
  • February 8, Tuesday, PAR 
  • May 19, Saturday, TAC 
  • June 13, Wednesday, MID 
  • July 10, Tuesday, PUY 
  • Sept. 18, Tuesday, GRA 
Starting From Seed
Save money, increase variety, and jump start your yield by starting your plants from seed. Taught by the horticulture teacher at Franklin Pierce School District, Matt Price.
  • February 6, Tuesday, PUY 
  • March 8, Thursday, PAR 
  • March 15, Thursday, MID 
  • March 17, Saturday, TAC 
  • March 20, Tuesday, GRA 
Garden Soil 101
Happy healthy soil is about balance and is teeming with micro-organisms. Learn how to build your soil for a truly successful garden for years to come.
  • March 28, Wednesday, GRA 
  • April 3, Tuesday, PUY 
  • April 19, Thursday, MID 
  • April 21, Saturday, TAC 
  • May 10, Thursday, PAR 
Your Summer Garden: Vegetables & Herbs
Maximize your harvest by learning the basics of garden planning and harvesting to get the most out of your crops.
  • April 17, Tuesday, GRA 
  • May 1, Tuesday, PUY 
  • May 9, Wednesday, MID 
  • June 2, Saturday, TAC 
  • June 14, Thursday, PAR 
Garden Bugs, Diseases & Non-Toxic Alternatives
Something been bugging you at the garden? Plants not looking as healthy as they could? Come down to the Garden Bugs class to learn how to keep your garden healthy and diseases free.
  • April 24, Tuesday, MID 
  • May 15, Tuesday, PUY 
  • June 16, Saturday, TAC 
  • June 19, Tuesday, GRA 
  • July 12, Thursday, PAR 
Composting Basics & Putting the Garden to Bed
Tips and Tricks for closing out your season to maximize your next as well as some composting 101.
  • Sept. 12, Wednesday, MID 
  • Sept. 15, Saturday, TAC 
  • October 2, Tuesday, PUY 
  • October 11, Thursday, PAR 
  • November 20, Tuesday, GRA 
Fall & Winter Gardening
There are many awesome things about growing vegetables in the PNW and year-round gardening is top among them.
  • June 5, Tuesday, PUY 
  • July 11, Wednesday, MID 
  • July 17, Tuesday, GRA 
  • July 21, Saturday, TAC 
  • Sept. 13, Thursday, PAR 
Container Gardening *NEW!
You don’t need an expansive property to grow a prolific garden. In fact, some pots on your windowsill or small porch can grow quite the bounty! Learn how in our first ever container gardening class from local gardening expert, LaPria Bonner. You too can learn how to grow strawberries like these
  • February 15, Thursday, MID 
  • February 24, Saturday, TAC 
  • March 6, Tuesday, PUY 
  • April 12, Thursday, PAR 
  • May 15, Tuesday, GRA