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Aug 31

Big Thanks Cascade Compost!

Posted on August 31, 2017 at 8:45 AM by Allan Warren

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Cascade Compost supplies nutrient rich compost to community gardens around Pierce County, such as these beds at Green Thumb Community Garden, turning waste into great food for plants and healthy veggies for our community gardeners!
We’d like to give a huge shout out to Cascade Compost for their support of Harvest Pierce County directly, and for the quality compost they supply to gardeners and groundskeepers around the Pierce County Area. Pierce County benefits from the nutrient-rich compost they provide, but also from their legacy of business in the region. The business behind Cascade Compost is Corliss Resources, Inc., and they’ve been doing business in the region since 1945. Their top-quality compost serves best gardeners and landscaping professionals alike.

Compost is a nutrient rich soil amendment made from organic waste, which can be anything from your kitchen salad scraps and coffee grounds to yard cuttings. The composting process is one of nature’s prime recycling systems. The system uses rotting plant matter and transforms it into the extremely rich and useful soil amendment through a slow brake down by various micro-Cascade Compostorganisms. However, Cascade Compost takes it a step farther, manufacturing their compost using state-of-the-art technology, such as computer-operated aeration and specialty-designed covers which ensure that temperatures inside are always at consistent levels for destroying pests, disease and bacteria. These high temperatures, in combination with naturally occurring microbes and processes, breakdown toxic chemicals into safe compounds. Before of these innovative processes, Cascade Compost provides a variety of soil benefits:
  • Adding much needed Organic matter back into the soil. 
  • Acts as a sponge, holding water during the dry season and reducing runoff during wetter seasons. 
  • Store and Release nutrients slowly over a long period of time, reducing the need for frequent re-application. 
  • Most importantly, it provides numerous beneficial organisms that provide the nutrients to plant roots to help them thrive. 

Healthy soil is teeming with life! There are upwards of four billion tiny organisms in healthy soil. Cascade Compost provides food for these organisms which result in soil teeming with microbes, and attracts earthworms and other important soil inhabitants.

Big Thanks Cascade Compost!