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Apr 04

Wildfire Ready Neighbors

Posted on April 4, 2023 at 11:10 AM by Camila Matamala-Ost

Sparky the Dog mascot greets a small child at the Wildfire and Disaster Info Fair. Never too young to learn about fire safety! Sparky the Dog greets a small child and teaches her about fire safety.

On April 1st, Wilkeson Elementary School was buzzing with excitement as local partners gathered for the first-ever Wildfire and Disaster Info Fair in Pierce County. Partners included fire departments, Pierce Conservation District, WA Department of Natural Resources, Friends of the Carbon Canyon, and many others. Even Smokey the Bear made a special appearance, adding to the fun-filled atmosphere.

The Fair was timely for Northeast Pierce County, where wildfire risk has been on the rise in recent years. The area has seen devastating fires, including the Norse Peak Fire in 2017, the Wrong Creek Fire in 2018, and the Fish Fire in 2020. These fires were massive, destructive, and had a significant impact on the community. They serve as a reminder that the threat of wildfire has increased in this region.

Despite the rain and cold, the Info Fair was a success, with participants trading smiles and good conversation. County Executive Bruce Dammeier and Wilkeson Town Councilmember Ashley Murphy were among the speakers who attended the event, sharing insights on how to protect homes and communities from wildfires.

There was also some hands-on learning, including a demonstration wildfire hazard risk assessment at a Wilkeson resident’s property.  

The event launched a six-week Wildfire Ready Neighbors campaign aimed at promoting wildfire preparedness in the Wildland Urban Interface. This campaign helps residents take proactive steps to safeguard their homes against the destructive effects of wildfires by offering one-on-one site assessments to evaluate wildfire defensible space on properties.

If you live in Northeast Pierce County, don't miss out on this opportunity to get expert advice on wildfire preparedness. Visit the campaign's website to sign up today and stay ahead of the curve.

Remember, it's never too early to start preparing for the next wildfire season!

Hands on learning: Locals visit a Wilkeson home for a demonstration of a wildfire risk assessment during the Wildfire and Disaster Info Fair.A group of 10 locals observe a wildfire risk assessment demonstration at a blue Wilkeson home during the Wildfire and Disaster Info Fair.


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