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Mar 06

Help Us Celebrate Earth Day

Posted to Conservation Corner by Camila Matamala-Ost

Right of Way Restoration Info Sheet  spread wildflowers info sheet Evergreen Understory Info Sheet

As the days grow longer and warmer, many of us are eager to get back outside and celebrate the return of spring. Earth Day is one of my favorite spring celebrations. Plants that have been dormant all winter are emerging from the ground, bees and butterflies are busy collecting pollen from new flowers, and bright green leaves adorn formerly bare tree branches.

While Earth Day is still over a month away, we’re starting our celebration plans early! A regular Earth Day activity is planting trees and flowers, which is always a great idea, but late April can be a challenging time for the plants.

Like a lot of us, most plants go dormant in the winter. As soon as spring comes, they start to “wake up,” growing their roots, branches, leaves, and flowers. If you try transplanting plants while they’re growing, it can stress them out and reduce their chances of surviving. The best times for planting in your yard are late winter/early spring (just before the plants wake up) or early fall (after most plants have gone dormant but before continuous hard frosts).

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Jan 09

And the Winner is...

Posted to Environmental Education by Camila Matamala-Ost

The winning poster by Morgan’. It features a variety of soil organisms and is very colorful.
Morgan’s poster features a variety of soil organisms.

Each year, The National Association of Conservation Districts holds a poster contest about natural resources. Students put their creativity on display as they learn about topics like

This year we helped Emerald Hills Elementary submit entries to the poster contest. We visited classrooms and taught activities about soil organisms and the benefits of healthy soil. Afterwards the students spent time turning their learning into artwork and we submitted their posters for them.

We would like to congratulate Morgan, a 2nd grader, for submitting the winning poster! We can’t wait to see what the students come up for next years’ contest.

Dec 01

Planting Trees for the Salmon of the South Prairie Creek

Posted to Habitat Improvement by Camila Matamala-Ost

Volunteers after their hard work planting trees!
Volunteers after their hard work planting trees.

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who came out to South Prairie Creek Preserve on November 19th

We had a great turnout. Close to 20 community members attended! Together, the volunteers planted over 200 trees and native plants in a short amount of time .  Even though the ground was quite frozen, that didn’t stop them from helping the habitat of South Prairie Creek Preserve 

10A beautiful day at South Prairie Creek.  The ground is frosty and the sun is out.
Volunteers were able to see salmon that had already spawned along the creek.

The trees they planted will provide many ecological benefits like:

  • increasing habitat for wildlife and
  • improving streambank stability to prevent erosion in the future


IMG_7398A salmon that spawned in south prairie creek lying dead in the water.
A beautiful day at South Prairie Creek. The ground was frosty and the sun was out.