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Aug 26

Do you have questions or concerns in your forest?

Posted on August 26, 2021 at 9:18 AM by Allan Warren

Forestry TAPierce Conservation District has foresters available who can provide assistance to small forest landowners who are interested in improving forest health and managing for a variety of needs including wildlife habitat, wildfire prevention, and water quality. Foresters can work with land owners to create forest plans that act as a guide for the management of forests over several years to achieve your desired goals. Foresters can also connect landowners with appropriate cost-share opportunities for non-commercial activities. 

“Since moving to the Key Peninsula in December, my husband and I have been trying to learn as much as possible about taking care of the four acres of forest on our property,” said Madeleine Spencer, a Harvest Pierce County team member. “We knew we had a diversity of tree species and were curious about how to both best maintain the health of our forest and enact fire prevention measures, which is why we were thrilled to have Margaret Kreder, a Stewardship Forester, come visit us in July. She walked through the property with us and pointed out things we should be aware of when evaluating the health of trees, helped make decisions around thinning some areas, and helped us ID a few mystery tree species as well as confirming a few we weren't sure of (such as an abnormally tall Cascara). After the visit she typed up her notes and sent us some great information that we will be regularly referencing, including a local organization tracking the health of Madronas which we have a lot of on our property. We feel much more confident and empowered to take care of our forest after visiting with Margaret and are happy knowing we can reach out to her with questions in the future.”

Please contact Margaret Kreder (360-427-9436 ext. 102, mkreder@masoncd.org) or Mark Mead (360-427-9436 ext. 101, mmead@masoncd.org) for more details!