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Aug 26

Farmers Helping Pollinators, Pollinators Helping Farmers.

Posted on August 26, 2021 at 9:11 AM by Allan Warren

Pierce‌ ‌Conservation‌ ‌District‌ ‌

Farmers Helping Pollinators, Pollinators Helping Farmers.

Bumble Bee Pollinating Blueberries                                                                            Photo By Rocio Miller

Blog by Rocio Miller on June 2021

June is an important time for pollinators and farmers. It is when both teams come together to help one another. Pollinators such as bumblebees are valuable crop pollinators. Unfortunately, the bumblebee population is declining due to habitat loss, disease, and pesticide misuse. There are many ways that anyone can help protect essential pollinators. PCD supports farmers looking to establish habitat for pollinators on their farms. Learning to establish habitat on your farm to attract native pollinators benefits the environment and the crops that we all depend on for survival. PCD has been focusing on helping farmers with pollinator resources and financial assistance for pollinator projects.

Did you know that PCD has helped many farmers with pollinator projects? 

PCD helps farmers by helping with pollinator planting, project design, and funding plant material purchases. Also, PCD is excited to have the support of a  Western SARE grant to work with farmers to develop appropriate farm habitat planting templates and provide other resources.  It is essential for PCD to provide more resources to farmers, to educate everyone about native plants that benefit the farmers’ crops and native pollinators. However, if you cannot establish a habitat on your farm right now but want to help protect pollinators, there are many other ways to support pollinators, and PCD has all the resources for that.

        Bumble Bees working hard in June                                          Photo by Rocio Miller 

Did you know that June 21-27 is Pollinator Week? https://www.pollinator.org/pollinator-week

This is a great week to focus on ways to help protect pollinators. There are many reasons and opportunities for you to help protect pollinators and share with the community what you have learned about our native bees, other pollinator visitors of the Pacific Northwest, and how they are helping your farm. PCD is the place to find all the needed resources. As PCD helps farmers, farmers can help pollinators, and pollinators can help farmers to enrich the lives of all. 

Ways to support pollinators

  • Establish a Habitat Beneficial for Pollinators 
  • Become a Citizen Scientist
  • Learn about Native Plants
  • Learn about Pesticide Management
  • Support Local Pollinator Initiatives 
  • Learn about PCD Financial Assistants for your Pollinator Project.

PCD Resource on Habitat Establishment

Become a Citizen Scientist

Pollinator population monitoring and tracking efforts are enlisting the help of the general public! Become a native pollinator ID nerd and help document pollinator population dynamics that will inform strategies for conservation.

Native Plant Nurseries-- local resources for your plant material

Pesticide Management

Simple and strategic adjustments to pesticide choice and timing can make a big difference to pollinator survival and health.

Support Local Pollinator Initiatives!

Access Financial Assistance for your Pollinator Habitat Project

For more information about PCD or FREE resources or financial assistance for your pollinator project, click on the link below or contact the PCD Farm Team for any questions.