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Jun 01


Posted on June 1, 2021 at 10:29 AM by Allan Warren

Pierce County Trails Day
Pierce County Trails Day
Saturday, July 31st, 9:00am-12pm
Clark’s Creek Park South Trail Head – 1701 12th Ave SW, Puyallup

Join Puyallup Habitat Stewards, Pierce Conservation District, Tahoma Audubon, and community on a guided tour of the 4.2-mile Puyallup Loop Trail.  Make friends, enjoy the sights and sounds, and last but certainly not least learn a few things about birds from a local Tahoma Audubon bird expert!!

Bonus!  We will walk past 5 active habitat stewardship sites and you will learn about the many ways you can improve these spaces.

RSVP:  CLICK HERE or contact Caleb (CalebM@piercecd.org)

Weekday Restoration Work PartiesWeekday work parties

Summer is here and a lot of you want to spend most of your time outdoors, and we have the perfect opportunity for you! 

Traditionally our volunteer opportunities are on Saturdays, but we have heard that many of you are available Monday – Friday to help, and we would like to work with you too.

All ages welcome! All you have to do is contact us and let us know some dates/times you are available, and we will work to get a staff member there to support your interest. 

Interested?!  Let us know by filling out our online form and we will contact you to work out the details.

RSVP: CLICK HERE or contact Caleb (CalebM@piercecd.org)