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Dec 07


Posted on December 7, 2020 at 2:10 PM by Allan Warren

ShorelinePlanting_Mason Conservation Ditrict PhotoWith funding from the Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program, our Shore Friendly Pierce program is gearing up to launch a mini-grant program to support shoreline stewardship on Puget Sound shorelines. 

Providing incentives to encourage landowners to protect or enhance natural resources on their property isn’t new for Pierce Conservation District. We have a long history of providing cost-share on agricultural properties, where the cost of the project is shared by the landowner and grant or district funding. 

The Shore Friendly Mini-Grant program will follow this model with a new audience of landowners and address resource concerns specific to marine shorelines. Qualifying landowners will be invited to apply for small grants to cover a portion of project costs forShore-Friendly Pierce - 2 stewardship activities including shoreline restoration, armor removal, lawn conversion to native plantings, and drainage improvements that will help protect their property and protect Puget Sound. These stewardship actions (also known as shoreline best management practices) improve natural processes and habitat quality on the shoreline, with direct impacts to species like forage fish and salmon in the nearshore. 

Shoreline development is putting increasing pressure on Puget Sound and the beaches, wildlife, and water we love. Our Shore Friendly program combines education, outreach, and technical and financial assistance to empower landowners to make informed decisions and take action to protect or enhance our precious Puget Sound, one property at a time. 

Keep your eye on our Shore Friendly Pierce website or contact our Shorelines Program Manager to learn about the official Shore Friendly Mini-Grant program launch.