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Sep 03

Volunteer for Orcas Love Raingardens this Fall!

Posted on September 3, 2020 at 10:56 AM by Allan Warren

Orcas Love Raingardens 2The fall semester is starting up in Tacoma soon, which is normally the time of year that Orcas Love Raingardens is gearing up for several BIG student volunteer events to plant and clean up raingardens at schools throughout Tacoma. Obviously, our plans for 2020 have to be different. Instead of gathering large groups of students this fall, we’re planning to host several small volunteer days with community members. Given all of the work needed, we need your help to plant and maintain raingardens at Tacoma’s schools.

Can you help us this fall?
We need 25 small groups (3-4 people) who can spend a half-day at a raingarden. Consider having this be something you do with your co-workers and team members. It’s also a great way to spend time with friends and family outside. And personally, nothing helps my mental health more than gardening! If you’re interested in helping out, let me know. Also feel free to forward this email to others in your network who might be interested. 

Please contact Allie at AllieC@piercecd.org if you want to volunteer!

Here some more information about these small-group volunteer days:  
  • We are looking for groups of three or four. Groups will meet a site-leader (from one of the OLR program’s partner organizations) at the raingarden the day of your shift. Group sizes will not exceed five people total.
  • Shifts are for four hours each (a half day). Groups can sign up for two consecutive shifts (if you want one full day of volunteering) or sign up for several half-day shifts.
  • Volunteer days will be between Sept. 18th – Oct. 30th and can occur both on weekdays and weekends. 
  • All volunteers will be required to wear a mask/face covering while on-site. Volunteers are also expected to maintain 6 feet of physical distance from each other throughout the day.
  •   Volunteers will need to bring their own work gloves, water, and snacks. Tools will be provided, but volunteers are encouraged to bring their own. 
  • Activities that we’ll be performing include: planting new plants in raingarden; pulling out weeds; spreading mulch.
If you are interested in getting some time outside, in a garden, supporting students, and helping orcas, here’s what we need from you: 
  • Names of people on your team of three or four.
  • Emails of your team members (for detailed information about volunteer day location and logistics).
  • The name of your organization/company (or a fun team name if you’re getting together with friends and family).
  • Dates and times when your team is interested in volunteering (please provide several options to help schedule a site-leader for your volunteer day). 
While we are planning to coordinate several volunteer days, we’re also keeping an eye on local, state, and federal recommendations for public health and public safety and will comply with any new restrictions as soon as possible. That means we may cancel volunteer days with only a few hours’ notice, though we will strive to give folks at least a 24-hour heads up of any cancellations.

If any of you have questions, concerns, or want more information, please contact Allie at AllieC@piercecd.org.