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Jun 01


Posted on June 1, 2020 at 3:49 PM by Allan Warren

As part of our expanding programming within the Stream Team Program*, we are proud to announce our first Chinook Monitors, Darren Chromey and Kelly Stave. Darren monitors Swan Creek and has been a Stream Team monitor since 2007. Kelly monitors two streams; Clover and Leach Creeks. She has been a Stream Team monitor since 2015.

 The Chinook Program recognizes long-term Stream Team monitors for their outstandingDarren Chromey Pic contributions to watershed stewardship. Chinook members can take on leadership roles, maintain their own kit (as available) and understand how their data fits into larger water quality efforts. We are so proud of our first Chinooks and look forward to adding more leaders in the program!

If you are a current Stream Team Monitor and would like to become a Chinook Monitor, reach out to Belinda at BelindaP@piercecd.org.
Photo: Darren Chromey monitoring at Swan Creek in Tacoma 

*Stream Team activities are still suspended due to Governor’s Inslee’s ‘Stay Home, Stay Healthy’ order. We will let you know when monitoring can resume. Stream Team is exploring ways to safely deliver kits to monitors during Phase 2. Thank you for those who have held onto their kits. If you have questions, please contact Belinda at belindap@piercecd.org

Stream Team is a volunteer water quality monitoring program operating in Pierce County since 1994. Monitors measure pH, dissolved oxygen, nitrates, turbidity, water temperature, flow and record habitat observations on prioritized sites.

Goals include: 
  • Watershed education 
  • Involve the community in citizen science monitoring 
  • Increase available water quality data 
  • Identify areas of concern 
Macro monitorsWe will be partnering again with Pierce County Surface Water Management to sample creeks for macroinvertebrates. A simple sampling of aquatic macroinvertebrates can tell us a lot about stream health. This is a great opportunity to participate in field research and get outside during the summer! If you are interested in participating, please contact Belinda at belindap@piercecd.org.

Due to COVID guidelines volunteers may not able to participate. We are collecting interest at this time and will schedule accordingly.

Photo: Pictured here are Kelly Stave and Dudley
Bangsley sampling for macroinvertebrates in
Canyon Falls Creek.