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May 29


Posted on May 29, 2020 at 2:01 PM by Allan Warren

Learn how YOU can create and restore wildlife habitat at one of our sites across Pierce County – no prior experience necessary, just the desire to get outdoors.
  • Topics include habitat, restoration, native plants, invasive plants, building community, and much more!
  • Learn about the environment 
  • Take ownership in Habitat Restoration at a site chosen specifically with and for you 
  • Work outdoors 
  • Gain a brand-new skillset 
  • Get advice from technical professionals throughout the year
What you need to do: It’s simple! Just sign up! Training Dates to be Announced Soon – post COVID-19

For more information, or to RSVP, please contact Caleb Mott: (253) 358–0088 | CalebM@piercecd.org

Many of the weeds that we struggle with controlling in our natural areas were brought to this area for landscape plants. During this Stay at Home order, Habitat Restoration can continue in our backyards by ensuring they are free of any noxious weeds and planting native trees and shrubs. This will not only make your yard more beautiful (not to mention it’s something to do right now) but it will create little pockets of vital habitat that creatures like birds, squirrels, and bugs need to survive in an urban environment.

If you are interested in creating backyard habitat on your property, PCD has a variety of resources, tools, and knowledge to help. Contact Caleb Mott: (253) 358–0088 | CalebM@piercecd.org