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May 29


Posted on May 29, 2020 at 10:41 AM by Allan Warren

RyanBird_Rainier Photo
Ryan enjoying an early spring hike on Mt. Rainier, with Mt. Adams in the background.

As an individual who grew up in the PNW, I’ve always had a strong affinity for nature which undoubtedly primed me for a career in natural resources. My interests developed while earning my bachelor’s degree in wildlife ecology and conservation sciences, where I focused largely on aquatic ecology and conservation. Being a dual British- American citizen born in the UK, I decided to enhance my career by moving to Scotland and completing a master’s degree in ecology and environmental biology. My research focused on how habitat and water quality affects amphibian reproductive behavior in both natural and artificial aquatic systems, and I was able to gain essential skills relating to research methods, conservation, and scientific

Having strong roots in the PNW, I decided to move back to the USA, where I plan on continuing my career for the long haul. Since honing my interests in ecology at a young age, I’ve been able to gain experience and augment my technical repertoire interning at a conservation district, being an undergraduate researcher, volunteering for various restoration and conservation events, working as a restoration technician, and working as an aquatic monitoring field lead. Aside from my career interests, I love nature and active outdoor activities, I’m an avid reader, I’m keen on technology and enjoy the occasional video game binge, and I’m a multi-instrumentalist who is unlikely to ever turn down a jam sesh. I’ve always been passionate about restoration and conservation practices, and I’m very excited to be the new habitat improvement coordinator and facilitate tangible improvements throughout Pierce County.

Ryan fills the position previously held by Kramer Canup. Kramer left PCD at the end of 2019 to pursue other passions
and explore new places. We are thankful for all the heart and soul Kramer put into his work with the Habitat Improvement
Team. Among other accomplishments, Kramer designed and implemented a revegetation monitoring program to track our planting projects, and he often took the lead on site prep and maintenance plans for restoration projects.