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Apr 05

Garden With Kids - Planting Transplants

Posted on April 5, 2020 at 9:55 AM by Rebecca Crust

Whether you started seeds indoors, bought a plant at the store, or are re-potting a house plant, transplanting is a valuable skill for anyone to have. 

  1. Check the root system. Healthy roots should be white (not brown) and fill the container it's in but not overcrowd it. If the roots are healthy it makes transplanting a lot easier on the plant’s part. 
  2. Prepare the new pot/space. Make sure your new home for your plant is ready to go. The hole in the new soil should be just as deep and twice as wide as your transplant’s root ball. 
  3. Take your plant out of its old container. Be gentle! You can squeeze the sides of the container or leverage a spade on the edges to loosen the roots. Do not pull on the plant! Try to turn the container upside down into your free hand, be careful not to damage the stems and leaves. 
  4. Tease the roots. The plant will grow much better if you break up the shape the roots have grown into. Use your hand or the edge of a spade to break up the roots and extra soil. It’s okay if some break off, the plant will regrow them later. 
  5. Put the plant into the prepared hole and cover the roots with soil. Gently press down to secure. Avoid piling soil around the base of the base of the stem- this will prevent disease. 
  6. Water your plant. 
  7. Give your plant love and patience. Transplanting is usually traumatizing for the plant in the short-term and it may look worse before it starts growing again. Visit it every day and give it some encouragement.