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Sep 03

Meeker Creek Restoration Project

Posted on September 3, 2015 at 9:49 AM by Allan Warren

MeekerCreekThe City of Puyallup is currently underway on construction of the Meeker Creek Riparian and Stream Restoration Project. The project, located along Meeker Creek, just prior to its confluence with Clarks Creek, will remove 1,000 linear feet of the 4,385-foot Meeker Creek from the trapezoidal ditch and place it in a natural, meandering stream channel. This project will also restore over 100,000 square feet of riparian area while creating floodplain storage. These efforts will help meet requirements for the City to support total maximum daily load (TMDL) requirements imposed by the NPDES Stormwater Permit. The restoration project and riparian planting will contribute to an increase in DO levels in the creek, reduce in-stream temperature through riparian cover, and restore Salmon spawning and refuge habitat.

If you have driven by the Meeker Restoration site lately, you'll see that the new meandering channel is taking shape. The floodplain has all been excavated, and the low-flow channel with shore armoring, woody material, and streambed cobble is nearly complete. Connection of Meeker into the new channel is expected to be made in mid-August. After the channel is complete, efforts will move to filling in the old ditched area, connecting those outfalls left in the ditch area, and installing a new water quality device. 

Reduce & reuse? Absolutely! All woody material that has been used thus far on this project has come from trees on-site that had to be removed, and from the stockpile of root wads the City obtained as a donation from a local WSDOT project where they went unused. And those large dirt piles? To reduce material export as much as possible the dirt from the excavated areas has been kept on site, and used to create the designed mounded areas which will be planted later this fall to create new habitat and stabilize the soils.

PCD and Puyallup will partner this fall to install native trees and shrubs and we are looking for interested volunteers.  Join us at any of our three planting dates; October 17th, October 31st, November 7th, and November 21st.  All plantings will run from 9am-12pm.  To RSVP contact Melissa at (253)845-9770 x109 or melissab@piercecountycd.org.