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Aug 31

Knotweed Crew Making Good Progress

Posted on August 31, 2018 at 9:07 AM by Allan Warren

Knotweed Crew webThe District’s Knotweed Treatment Crew works July-September in the upper Nisqually and South Prairie Creek watersheds to remove this invasive plant from sensitive riparian areas. L to R: Sydney Westerland, Serenity Ainsworth, Kaytlyn Pepe, Ethan Greer, Jon Harris. 

The District’s knotweed programs continue in the Upper Nisqually and South Prairie Creek watersheds, making good progress on the effort to rid riparian areas of this aggressive invasive plant that causes much ecological disruption, especially along streams and rivers. With summer being the most effective time to treat this weed, the District brought on a five-member seasonal treatment crew, and two monitoring interns.

The interns are charged with walking miles of waterway, noting the presence, location, andNick, KW interns web degree of infestation of knotweed. This allows the District to track the effectiveness of previous knotweed treatments and strategically develop a work plan for the treatment crew. Comprehensive and consistent treatment, working from the upper watershed to downstream areas, is the best way to remove this plant and prevent re-infestations.

District Americorps service member Nick Cusick leads knotweed monitoring interns Allison Paul and Kristi Floyd in assessing knotweed locations along the mainstem of the upper Nisqually River.