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May 29

Planting Season May Be Behind Us, but Habitat Restoration Work is Never Done…

Posted on May 29, 2018 at 12:27 PM by Allan Warren

Sumner Lions 2
Members of the Sumner Lions Club planted 20 bare root shrubs along Salmon Creek in early March. This site was planted in October of last year, but will need additional plants to ensure appropriate density to successfully shade out invasive reed canary grass and to replace any plants that die. In-fill planting such as this is one of many techniques used to meet our habitat restoration goals. 

A late spring snow didn’t deter the 30 volunteers who came out to continue the restoration planting effort at the District’s South Prairie Creek Preserve on March 24. Together with another volunteer planting earlier in March, and with help from Washington Conservation Corps and Earth Corps crews, 2040 plants were planted on 3.5 acres this spring!

Sumner Lions 1With the planting season behind us, we turn our attention to monitoring and maintaining our new plantings, as well as planning and preparing sites for more habitat planting work this fall. Recent visits to many of the planting sites show healthy new growth – an encouraging sign! District staff will be monitoring plantings this summer to determine just how well they are doing and note any issues that may be affecting success. This information will inform decisions on how future habitat restoration plantings are designed and implemented.