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Dec 11

Cover Crops Can Improve Your Soil

Posted on December 11, 2017 at 9:02 AM by Allan Warren

Tzeng cover crop
A rye vetch cover crop planted this past fall on the Tzeng farm in Puyallup will prevent soil erosion, improve soil structure, reduce weed establishment, and provide nutrients for the next annual crop to be planted this coming spring. 

Looking for an innovative way to boost soil health and fertility on your farm? Cover cropping is for you! Cover crop plantings improve soil fertility and organic matter, keep soil in place, are useful in managing field moisture, and can help control weeds, pests and diseases.

We are ramping up our focus and outreach around this promising approach to soil building at the District, and will be hosting some great workshops on how to integrate cover cropping on your farm this coming season.

Better yet we have purchased a new Land Pride 606NT pull-type no-till drill that we are making available to rent. At a 6 ft. working width with optional capacities for native grass and small seeds, the drill is ideal for any cover crop or pasture renovation application if you have a minimum 40 HP tractor with rear remote hydraulics to run it. We will also have a flail mower available to rent in 2018 as an option for terminating cover crops. Check out our new website page for great cover cropping resources and start planning how you will harness the potential on your farm next year.