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May 30

Work Boosted Thanks to Hardworking NCCC Crew

Posted on May 30, 2017 at 2:11 PM by Allan Warren

NCCCNCCC Crew experiencing the northwest environment they have helped conserve by snowshoeing on Mt. Rainier guided by PCD AmeriCorps service member Joel Eklof.

From mid-January to mid-March National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) AmeriCorps crew “Blue One,” contributed over 5,000 hours of essential work across all PCD programs while serving with PCD. Their work ranged from blackberry grubbing at Meeker Creek with the water quality team, to taking GIS data on the Key Peninsula with the farm team, to installing fencing and pruning fruit trees with the Harvest Pierce County team, to teaching over 800 fifth graders about salmon and water quality at Children’s Water Festival with the Habitat team. In total, the NCCC team:
  • Planted over 16,000 native plants 
  • Spread over 50,000 pounds of mulch 
  • Removed invasive blackberry and scotch broom from 13 acres of land 
  • Removed over 3,000 pounds of illegally dumped debris 
  • Built 10 raised beds and 30 planting mounds 
  • Visited 128 farms and collected 1,132 data points using GIS Pro 
  • Participated in 16 community and volunteer events 
  • Increased capacity over all programs 
The NCCC crew was a joy to have around, and stayed strikingly positive despite working nearly endless hours outside during the exceptionally long, cold, and wet winter. We wish the NCCC crew blue skies and a lack of blackberry to grub while at their next two sites in California and Idaho.