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May 30

Rain Gardens for Watershed Health

Posted on May 30, 2017 at 1:50 PM by Allan Warren

Rain Gardens21Rain Gardens, shallow depressed gardens planted with beautiful trees, shrubs, and/or grasses, are the perfect way to increase property value by creating an eye-catching landscape feature while also improving watershed health as your home’s runoff is infiltrated into the ground.

By taking water from an area that does not infiltrate water well (roof, driveway, compacted area) and placing it into a Rain Garden that infiltrates water very well, you are putting excess water into the ground. And get this – Soil Cleans Polluted Water! It is true, as polluted water passes through the soil, the plant roots, and the living structures in the soil, pollution is pulled out and only clean water continues down into groundwater. Rain Gardens for Watershed Health PCD’s Rain Garden program works to increase the number of rain gardens across Pierce County through a Cost- Share model where we provide:
  • FREE Property Assessment 
  • FREE Rain Garden Design 50% of the cost for a typical Rain Garden. 
  • FREE Plant Selection Assistance Homeowner is responsible for Installation Costs. 
  • FREE Maintenance Plan There is still time over the next several months to design and install Rain Gardens while it is still dry. 
Contact Melissa at MelissaB@piercecd.org to schedule your site visit.