Seed Stories

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Seed Stories Episode 1: 

Interview Forest Shomer of Inside Passage Seeds

In this episode, we interview Forest Shomer, native seed saver and founder of Inside Passage Seeds ( ). We talk a little bit about Forest's background and heart-centered approach to seed saving, and then he demonstrates two different seed saving techniques: a way to extract seeds from berries and small fruits (using huckleberry as an example), and how to winnow dried seeds using the wind (using camas seeds as an example).

Seed Stories Episode 2:

Judy Thierry from University Place Community Garden

Judy Thierry from the University Place Community Garden shares about how saving corn kernels (specifically of the glass gem organic corn variety), buckwheat and coriander.

Seed Stories Episode 3: 

Dana Coggon

Hilltop community member and avid gardener Dana Coggon (she/hers/they/them) shares with us the joys of messy gardening, seed capturing, and soul fulfillment of participating in local food systems. In this video, Dana walks us through her backyard showing us how to choose and maintain viable seeds and how to think about the greater community in your garden endeavors. Dana is currently the Noxious Weed Coordinator with Kitsap County and works with many community groups such as: Center for Spiritual Living Food is Free, and Gardening for the Greater Good FB group.

Seed Stories Episode 4:

Erica Hernandez

Erica Hernandez from Colibri Farms shares a story behind and how to save orca beans. They shared these links to further your seed saving knowledge: