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Seed, Sow, Share is full-circle gardening.

We recognize that for our County to have a resilient local food system, we need to make sure that our food is local and accessible to the community at every stage, from seed to table, and back to seed again. 

2020 showed us that disruptions in the national gardening and food supply chain can have hard impacts on us locally - so it's important for us to support each other and learn together. That is why we are convening partners and programs into a full-circle community-centered program that can support local seedlines in our food system and the communities that keep them year after year.

What you can expect from our Full Circle Gardening Program 

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Seed Library: We are building a Pierce County Seed Library and right now we are taking donations of people’s leftover seed and working to organize them into a library system. 

Seed Swapping: We are encouraging gardeners to join our Facebook group Seed Savers & Seed Sharers of Pierce County to trade seeds with other gardeners this year, strengthening their seed-sharing network in lieu of an in-person event. 


Education: Edible Gardens free beginner's gardening class series, every week from the end of March through the beginning of May, on different topics such as starting from seed, growing plants, planning your garden, soils, insects and garden pests and disease, and more. 

Seed Start Giveaway:  Harvest Pierce County is partnering with the Emergency Food Network’s Grow Your Food Program, where we'll be helping distribute 15,000 plant starts to community gardens and backyard gardeners across the County April-May. Plants are available on a first come, first served basis, and will be at different community gardens throughout the County at different scheduled times

Many of these plants are open-pollinated or hybrid, which means if you want to try your hand at seed saving, you can sign up to save seeds from them to donate back to the Pierce County Seed Library! 

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Share the Harvest: If you want to share your garden bounty,sign up for Share the Harvest! We will provide you with  a ‘where to donate’ guide, and a way to record the amount of poundage you grow to donate to food banks, shelters, and families in need. 

Education: Continue your learning with free classes, resources, and discussions on how to save seeds from the crops you’ve been growing and enjoying all year, as well as other useful sharing tips such as how to best harvest what you grow for the food bank. Visit our Education Page, we’ll be updating with new materials throughout the season!

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