Manure Spreaders

To help you implement one of the components of your farm's manure management program, the Pierce Conservation District has two manure spreaders available for rent to Pierce County residents:

  •  A Frontier 25-bushel (1/2 cubic yard capacity) that is ground-driven and can be pulled by a lawn tractor or ATV.  
  • A Mill Creek 45-bushel (2 cubic yard capacity) that is ground-driven and can be pulled by a compact tractor.

Rental Information

The smaller manure spreader is available to rent for a $60/rental flat fee and the larger one is available for a $70/rental flat fee. 

Both manure spreaders require a trailer for transport to your farm, you are welcome to bring your own or a PCD utility trailer is available to rent for $25/rental. If you do not have a way to tow a trailer, a spreader can be delivered and picked up for a $50 flat fee round-trip.

As this equipment was purchased through water quality improvement funding, we require renters to present a recent soil test that shows nutrient need, and/or schedule a site visit with their area's farm planner to confirm that you have adequate pasture to utilize the nutrients in the manure and prevent runoff/nutrient leaching. 

To reserve manure spreaders or for more information, contact Noah Janzing

Additional Information

Frontier 25-bushel Operator Manual

Mill Creek 45-bushel Operator Manual

PCD video on Storing, Composting, and Applying Livestock Manure 

Small Manure Spreader
Large Manure Spreader