Should I reseed my pastures?
If production is still less than you want after correcting any fertility problems, consider changing your pasture species. From my experience, this should be a last resort. But, for years, it’s been the 1st solution that people think of. The typical scenario is this: “Your pasture wears out. So you seed in some legumes or grasses and maybe put on some fertilizer. Then you go on grazing it continuously and the new species disappear again”.

You’ve got to change your management 1st. When mismanaged, grazing animals are nothing more than destructive pasture predators that can eat themselves out of house and home. Until you control your animals, reseeding is a waste of time and money. Only after you have established the grazing system, soil tested, and fertilized should you even think about reseeding a pasture.

If you do reseed, don’t plow up your pasture. Frost-seed or drill new species into the existing sod. If you really did pick species that are better for your soils and management than the ones that are already there, the new ones will take over.

Develop a good grazing system and you will get several tons of the cheapest high-quality feed you’ve ever raised. It may be the best move you’ve ever made.

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