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Jun 01

[ARCHIVED] Stream Monitoring Training & Summer Schedules

The original item was published from June 1, 2016 8:20 AM to June 1, 2016 8:21 AM

Stream MonitoringDid you know you could help local streams by spending some time on a stream doing some easy citizen science? Pierce Conservation District is looking for citizen scientists to monitor water quality in streams. There are open stream sites in each of the four watersheds in Pierce County that need a stream monitor. In the Chambers -Clover watershed there are sites on Chambers, Clover, Leach, and Sequalitchew Creeks. The Key Peninsula-Gig Harbor-Islands watershed has open sites on Artondale, Lackey, Minter, Rocky, Vaughn, and Schoolhouse (on both the Key Peninsula and Anderson Island) Creeks. Open sites in the Puyallup watershed include Deer, Fennel, Meeker, and South Prairie Creeks. The Nisqually watershed has open sites on Tanwax and Lynch Creeks.

?Click on the image above to view this quarter's highlighted Volunteer Stream Data.

To become part of our stream monitoring program, we provide training at a three-hour training session. Our next stream monitor training is being held on Saturday, June 18th, 9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. This training is open to anyone interested in becoming a stream monitor or learning more about water quality sampling. The training will cover why we monitor, water quality testing, flow measurements, and habitat assessment, with time provided for participants to practice sampling techniques.

Once trained, volunteers will then be assigned to a stream site of their choosing and can begin sampling at their convenience. Data collected by stream monitors is periodically shared with partner jurisdictions and program volunteers. Volunteer stream monitors play a key role in stream stewardship by raising awareness of pollution problems and providing water quality data that the community can use to protect local streams. Contact Isabel Ragland to sign up for the training at or call 253-845-9770 X103.

Summer Monitoring Schedules
Quarterly monitors may schedule their summer monitoring between June 21 and September 14. Bimonthly monitors are scheduled to monitor their streams in July and September. Remember that either August, September, or October is the time to complete a habitat assessment for your stream site. If you would like a refresher on filling out the habitat form please contact Isabel to schedule a time to review the form at your site.

Volunteers are also encouraged to run replicate tests once or twice a year. The replicate testing includes the dissolved oxygen, pH, and nitrate tests. Don’t forget to mention when you call in to reserve a kit that you will need extra sample bottles if you are planning on testing replicate samples.

If you are not currently a stream monitor but would like to learn or to register for the upcoming training in June, please contact Isabel: (253) 845-9770 x103.