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Sep 03


Posted on September 3, 2020 at 12:21 PM by Allan Warren

ShorelineOur Shore Friendly Program, launched in Fall 2019, was recently featured by the National Association of Conservation Districts for our participation in the #DistrictsConserveCoasts campaign. The campaign, as a part of National Ocean Month, highlighted efforts by districts around the country to conserve and restore coastal areas facing a diversity of challenges. According to NACD, of the nearly 3,000 conservation districts across the United States, over 300 are located on the coasts and Great Lakes. Districts are tackling local challenges from habitat and species loss, to harmful algal blooms, to shoreline erosion and sea-level rise.

Here at PCD we are committed to preserving and restoring the shorelines of Puget SoundVideos that support our ecosystems, economy, and way of life. The Shore Friendly Program engages shoreline landowners through technical and financial assistance programs to be good stewards of their beaches that support the health of our beloved wildlife, such as shellfish, salmon, and Orcas. Across the Puget Sound, over 29% of the shoreline is armored with hard structures like seawalls, bulkheads, and wood pilings – representing a big challenge for healthy beaches. Shore Friendly helps landowners prevent the need for new armor by supporting healthy natural conditions and assists landowners in voluntarily removing unnecessary armor to restore natural functions.

PCD participated in the #DistrictsConserveCoasts campaign by posting a series of informational videos targeting Puget Sound shoreline landowners. The series covered topics from managing stormwater to restoring beaches to benefit ecosystems, while empowering private landowners to take stewardship action.

You can find the series “Top Five Recommendations for your Shoreline” on the Shore Friendly Pierce website or on our Facebook page.

Contact our Shorelines Program Manager for more information on how you can be a good steward of our shared Puget Sound shorelines. Email Mary at MaryK@piercecd.org