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Sep 14

[ARCHIVED] 2019 District Native Plant Sale Offerings Announced

The original item was published from August 31, 2018 9:56 AM to September 14, 2018 8:56 AM

Pacific Rhododendron, Photo Credit Randy SmithThe full pre-order list will be ready soon, but you can expect a great variety of wonderful native plants at deeply discounted prices in this year’s Annual Native Plant Sale, including the Red Elderberry (below) and Pacific Rhododendron (above) pictured here.

The 28th Annual District Native Plant Sale is on the horizon! We’re busy procuring a wide variety of native plants which have been carefully chosen to best suit our lands, natural resources, and community members.

Why Native Plants?
Native plants have evolved specifically to grow in the soils, topography, and climate of Western Washington. Advantages include greater resistance to pests and better ability to withstand our unique climate. They can be used for nature-scaping (low-water requirement landscapes), rain garden installations, wildlife enhancement, reforestation, wetland/stream enhancement, erosion control, and landscaping around homes and farms. They are also a great alternative to non-native plants, which are often invasive and damaging to our natural systems.

What to Expect
Plants and other items will become available for pre-order starting in September. Watch your mailbox for our order forms or keep an eye on our website where you can get even more information and order online www.PierceNativePlantSale.com. These are conservation-grade plants which are packaged as bare roots, plugs, or cuttings (no pots), and are sold in bundles of 5-10. They are grown for us over the winter by local growers, and are therefore subject to shortages and crop failures. For the best odds at getting the plants you want, order early, as quantities are limited. In late February, we will receive the plants and have them available for pick up over a series of days. Stay tuned for details, and we will look forward to seeing you soon!

Red Elderberry - cr. Murray FoubisterComing Soon to Pre-order:
  • Conifer trees: Douglas fir, Grand fir, Noble fir, Shore pine, Sitka spruce, Western hemlock, Western red cedar 
  • Broadleaf trees: Big leaf maple, Bitter cherry, Cascara, Oregon ash, Paper birch, Red alder, Pacific willow 
  • Shrubs: Baldhip rose, Red elderberry, Evergreen huckleberry, Pacific ninebark, Pacific rhododendron, Red flowering currant, Tall Oregon grape, Thimbleberry 
  • Ground covers: Bigleaf lupine, Coastal strawberry, Kinnikinnick, Salal, Sword fern
  • Planting supplies: Plantskydd animal repellent, Tree tube protectors & stakes