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Dec 05

University Place Rain Barrel Workshop

Posted on December 5, 2017 at 9:20 AM by Allan Warren

rain barrel picOn September 7, Pierce Conservation District (PCD) in partnership with University Place hosted a rain bar- rel workshop at the city’s town hall. Participants learned about LID (low-impact development) principles and LID tools that PCD implements, such as rain barrel workshops, rain garden designs, Depave, Urban Tree Program, and open space enhancement.

Workshop participants then learned the history of rain barrel design and uses from Dan Borba, a local rain barrel expert, who has been harvesting rain water since 1999. Dan led participants through the assembly of their rain barrels on the patio area where there was some trial and error, but everyone was successful in the end. Thirty-three rain barrels then went home with their owners and are now helping conserve water in the Chambers-Clover Creek Watershed.