Community Action Plan


On June 9-13, 2021, a diverse group of Pierce County community members met virtually to learn about the impacts of climate change on local public health as well as on disaster and emergency management in Pierce County. In addition to learning about the local effects of climate change on these two areas, residents prioritized their recommendations taking action to address these impacts.

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Community Action Plan

The direct outcome from the Rural Climate Dialogues event was the Community Action Plan, which goes into great detail summarizing information about the topic areas presented during the event, local impacts of climate change, and the prioritized actions the event participants have identified for increasing climate resiliency for our rural communities. The Action Plan was authored almost entirely by the event participants, and also includes statements from the participants to the public and to their neighbors.
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Participant Survey Results

Participants were administered a survey at the conclusion of the Rural Climate Dialogues events. Questions they were asked to respond to include a review of concerns based on the topic areas presented, ranking importance for action on an individual and community level, and questions pertaining to the event itself.