Appendix D: Becoming Outcomes Based Organization

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While we feel this 5-year Strategic plan will help us move towards our long-term goals, it is still very much focused on short-term “outputs”, such as: how many trees are we planting, how many acres are we restoring, and how many people are we engaging? Ultimately, our goals are to see habitat restored, water quality improved, farmland conserved, and to help create more equitable and resilient communities. 

The outputs identified in Appendix C: Comprehensive List of Measures, are what we believe we need to track in order to gauge progress towards these broader goals. Yet, many of pressures that lead to degraded habitat, impaired water quality, rapidly disappearing farmland, and inequitable and at risk communities are broader than our direct control. How do we ensure that our strategic efforts are in fact leading to the outcomes we wish to see? Through adaptive management. While this plan is “complete”, we seek to continuously improve and learn from our community and the effectiveness of on-the-ground actions. 

To this end, we will be embarking on a continued strategic analysis of our outputs to help us evolve into a more outcomes based organization. Below, we outline a few of the essential questions we will engage with starting in late 2021 in order to define the outcomes we seek to achieve. These are just the start and not at all an exhaustive list: