Shore Friendly Mini-Grants

Current application period: Oct. 30 - Dec. 30, 2020


Pierce Conservation District (PCD) is pleased to offer Shore Friendly Mini‐Grants to marine waterfront landowners for projects that implement Shore Friendly Practices. 

This program helps Pierce County landowners complete projects that benefit the ecosystems and processes of Puget Sound shorelines while also addressing landowner goals.

View full mini-grant program overview here 


Projects must implement one or more of the following Shore Friendly Practices: 

  • Shoreline native plantings
  • Invasive weed removal and lawn conversion
  • Drainage improvement
  • Bulkhead/armor removal


  • Property must be located in Pierce County, WA.
  • Projects must take place on a marine shoreline (freshwater shorelines, e.g. shorelines on lakes, creeks, rivers, and wetlands, are not eligible for this program). 
  • You do not need to have a home on the property to qualify, but you must own the property.
  • All projects must follow the standards PCD provides and must comply with all Pierce County shoreline permitting requirements and critical area regulations.


A portion of project costs are reimbursed after the project is completed. The program will reimburse 50% of the cost of eligible projects up to a maximum amount, as described on the following pages.

Applicants must receive a “Notice of Award” before making any project-related purchases or expenditures. Any costs incurred prior to receipt of the “Notice of Award” will not be eligible for reimbursement. 


1.    Schedule a free, non‐regulatory site visit by a Pierce Conservation District resource technician. The site visit will include an evaluation of your property that addresses your concerns. Visits typically assess stormwater drainage management, bank erosion and stabilization, beach condition, vegetation management, and shoreline habitat. Options to address any issues that may exist on your property will be discussed.

2.    Choose a project. After the visit, the technician will provide you with a written summary of recommended site improvements. Select the practice(s) that you are most interested in completing and that meet the Shore Friendly Pierce Mini‐Grant program criteria.

3.    Apply for the Mini‐Grant. Fill out the attached Application, Cooperative Agreement, and Project Site Plan and return them to the Shore Friendly Program at Pierce Conservation District for evaluation and ranking. You can email you completed Application to Mary Krauszer at OR send a hard copy to Pierce Conservation District | ATTN: Mary Krauszer |PO Box 1057 | 308 West Stewart Ave | Puyallup, WA 98371. **While staff are in work-from-home status for COVID-19 safety, please email to let us know if you are mailing anything to the office.

4.    Receive a Notice of Award. If your project is selected for grant funding, you will receive a Notice of Award and Financial Assistance Contract from Pierce Conservation District. (Any costs incurred prior to the “Notice of Award” will not be eligible for reimbursement.)  

5.    Document and Complete the Project. Once your grant is approved, take pictures of the project site for the “Before” state. Complete the project according to the design and specifications recommended by PCD. Take additional pictures after completion to document the change. Submit “Before and After” photos of project site to PCD. 

6.    Arrange for a Completion Site Visit. If required, the resource technician will revisit your site to see the completed project and check that it meets specifications.

7.    Submit all receipts related to the project. Receipts for materials, labor, contractors and your time will all be counted towards the cost of the project. You will be reimbursed 50% of the cost, up to the maximum amount per practice for the project you completed.

View full mini-grant program overview here