In Person Events

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We have a few in person events that you can join this year!

From planting rain gardens, to restoring shoreline habitat, to planting trees for salmon, there are many ways you can volunteer in person. All events will be limited to five people.Annual Report

Safety Protocols

Safety of volunteers and staff is our top priority.  All in-person Orca Recovery Day events will adhere to local and State Safe Start standards to stem the spread of COVID-19, including:

  • Limiting attendance to 4 participants, plus 1 PCD staff member (pre-registration required),
  • providing handwashing and hand/tool sanitation on site,
  • and complying with State requirements for face coverings and social distancing.

Please note: There will be no restrooms on site. You are encouraged to bring your own tools, water, and snacks. Details will be provided in your registration confirmation email.

Disclaimer for higher risk populations: Older adults (65 and over) and persons with severe pre-existing health conditions are thought to be at increased risk to COVID-19. Individuals are our beloved Southern Resident Orca Whales. encouraged to assess their own personal risk to exposure and if volunteering is an appropriate activity for their age or health condition. CDC communication resources for higher risk populations here.