Water Quality Monitoring

Nitrate test10
Measuring nitrates at a local stream

Pierce Conservation District combines the knowledge and commitment of interested community members with the technical expertise and resources of staff by providing opportunities for local communities and residents to learn more about the health of our streams and lakes.  

Getting involved through these programs is an easy way to learn about protecting the health of our waters. Visit the pages below for more information on how to become involved. 

Stream Monitoring

Get started by filling out our Stream Team Application Form

Find out what it takes to be a stream monitor and what the requirements are. Stream health is critical to our way of life here in the Pacific Northwest. By having community monitors gathering data on our streams, we provide a good first line of defense in identifying problem areas. 


Volunteer lake monitors are important stewards of local lakes. Through monitoring they track current conditions, identify emerging problems, and provide outreach to other interested community members.

Isabel Ragland 

Senior Water Quality Program Manager 


Phone: 253.845.9770 ext. 103 

Belinda Paterno  

Water Quality Coordinator   


Phone: 253.845.9770 ext. 117