2019 Annual Spring Garden Summit

Saturday, May 4th

9:00 AM-1:00 PM

Chief Leschi School

5625 52nd St E

Puyallup, WA 98372

Join local teacher with a diversity of expertise for a morning of gardening, farming, & food workshops!

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Class Descriptions

Session 1 (9:45-10:30)

Pasture Poultry

Grayson Crane

Join Grayson Crane from Pink Moon Farm, to learn about raising meat birds on pasture. We will go over breed selection, housing, feed, space requirements, and discuss permitting for selling birds to your neighbors! This class will include photographs of Pink Moon's pasture poultry set up and resources for finding additional systems for inspiration for your own set up. Come ready with questions and be prepared to leave with some first steps to setting up your birds.
How to grow Asian Vegetables in the PNW Climate

Yao Fu Chao
  • What to plant
  • What it tastes like
  • How long it takes to grow
  • What climate is best for the crop to be successful
Seed Saving

David Mittman
David Mittman, President of the South Sound Seed Stewards will provide an introduction to saving seeds with a focus on what we can do here locally to prepare for our annual Seed swap!

Alison Nichols

Microgreens are easy to grow and offer the benefits of high nutritional value, year-round growing potential, and low start-up costs. Come find out why these tiny but mighty microgreen crops are so popular with growers, food enthusiasts, and chefs. Ali will walk us through the basics of growing and troubleshooting getting started with microgreens. You’ll leave with a complete resource tool-kit to get started growing microgreens for yourself!
Medicinal Plants

Melissa Meyers

Melissa Meyer is a member of the Tsimshian Nation, Eagle clan from a northern fishing village in British Columbia, Canada called Lax kw’alaams or Island of Wild Roses. She is married and has two children and her family now lives in Tacoma, WA.

Melissa is an earth steward in service to ensuring the succession of our native plant heritage to future generations. She is community trained and hopes to pass on the knowledge to help heal, nurture and inspire folks with their medicinal local plants.

For more information or to arrange a class, a walk or a tea service, please contact

Melissa Meyer at 253-304-2507 or email: melissameyer75@gmail.com

(This class will be available for Spanish translation)

Session 2 (10:45-11:30)

Stocking the Pantry: Making the Most of Your Garden through Food Preservation

Hal Meng
After a full day of gardening, there often doesn't seem like there is time to think about long term storage of your bountiful harvest. This program provides an overview on how with planning, access to small amount of equipment, and working with like-minded folks, you can stock your pantry from your garden all year-round.

Specific Varieties & Seed Saving of Asian Vegetables

Yao Fu Chao
  • What the plant is
  • How to harvest seeds and/or fruit for next season
  • Different varieties or types 

Year Round Basic Gardening

Kelly Staves

  • Our chilly climate & short growing season
  • Last frost date, late season planting
  • Types of crops you can start & plant early & late
  • Tools to use to extend your growing season: green/hoop houses/cloches, row covers, raised beds

Gardening in this Climate

(This class will be available for Spanish translation)

Session 3 (11:45-12:30)

Cooking w/ SE Asian Vegetables

Dy Heng
So you’ve learned about how to grow Southeast Asian vegetables – now learn how to cook them! Dy Heng has a passion for Southeast Asian cooking, especially Thai and Khmer (Cambodian) style food. She loves making fresh and healthy food using vegetables straight from the garden. Come learn how to incorporate more Southeast Asian produce into your diet with a vegetable rich noodle recipe.

Container Gardening

Kari Ann

Pierce County Public Works
Whether you’re looking to expand your gardening possibilities or just getting started, container gardening is for you! This class will cover the advantages of container gardening, factors to consider when selecting the right pot, soil, seeds, location, and how to maintain and manage your container garden.

Bugs in the Garden

Jarek Sarnacki
An overview of the insects you might find in your garden and what exactly they're doing there. Includes easy, sustainable ways to keep your garden successful and insect-friendly.
Medicinal Plants

Melissa Meyer