Urban Tree Sale

Pierce Conservation District's Urban Tree Sale aims to help residents in Tacoma, Puyallup, and unincorporated Pierce County receive significantly discounted trees and provides the resources necessary to properly plant them around their homes. Planting these trees helps slow water by capturing rain in its canopy and excess water dribbles to the ground to be absorbed by soil. Trees also provide multiple other benefits like cleaning our air, cooling our homes and cities, increasing property value, and improving mental health.
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Want to learn more about the benefits of trees? You can do so HERE

View the Current Sale HERE:

Follow these steps to get trees:

  1. Purchase trees HERE
  2. Sign up for a tree pick up date
  3. Complete the pre-video survey.  Survey
  4. Watch the video. Our workshops are virtual this year so that you can watch them from the safety of you home. Just like our in-person workshops, watching this video is mandatory in order to receive trees. Video
  5. Complete the post-video survey to show us what you've learned. Survey
  6. The last step is to kick back and relax until your tree pick up date. Good things take time and we need to let your trees grow big and strong before they are ready for you to take home.


Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page to see if your question has already been asked. 

  1. Melissa Buckingham

    Water Quality Improvement Program Director