The Farm at Franklin Pierce


Situated on an eight acre site owned by the Franklin Pierce School District, the Farm consists of a two acre vegetable farm, an orchard, and community garden space - all managed in partnership between Harvest Pierce County and Franklin Pierce schools. The Farm has become a teaching and learning space that not only engages hundreds of students and community members in education related to sustainable agriculture, but also provides food for the school cafeteria, district families, and food banks around the county. Community members are invited to participate at the Farm through our Community Days, or by applying to our Farm Foundations Training.

Farm Foundations Training - 2019 Season Full!

Our training for the year is now full, but applications for 2020 will be available in the fall.

Designed to give participants a full season farm internship experience without a full-time commitment, this training will combine classroom learning with hands on skill building. Farm Foundations will give participants an introduction to ecosystem theory and agro-ecology, soil and plant science, as well as farm planning and management. Each week participants will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge through physical farm work and observation. A share of the farm's harvest will be provided to each program participant throughout the course of the season. 

Participants will be asked to devote five hours per week to the program which runs through the end of October. February - April this will consist of two hour evening classes and a three hour field work day. May - September this will be five hour field days only. In October we will have four more evening classes and transition back to three hour work parties. 

Please contact Madeleine Spencer at with any questions.

Community Days at The Farm:

Community days are held every Friday and Saturday from 10-1, beginning in April and continuing throughout through September. On those days volunteers are welcome to come out to the farm, learn about the program, work with us for a few hours, and take home a share of the harvest if available that day. More information about the dates and times of community days will be posted on both the Harvest Pierce County Facebook page and the Pierce Conservation District calendar.

The Farm also hosts volunteer groups from schools, work places, day camps, etc. If you would like to arrange a time for your group to volunteer please reach out to us to coordinate a time!

If you have any questions please contact Madeleine Spencer at