Stream Team

Pierce Conservation District has coordinated a volunteer stream monitoring program, Stream Team, in all four watersheds in Pierce County since 1994. Currently more than 70 volunteers are involved with this effort. The goals of this program are to provide education to Pierce County residents about local streams, and the impact of our daily lives on stream water quality and habitat; as well as provide information on current stream conditions.

Why is monitoring important?
Volunteer monitors build awareness of pollution problems, learn about pollution prevention, raise awareness of problem sites, provide data for waters that may otherwise be unassessed, and increase the amount of water quality information available to local communities and decision makers.

We offer training and use of monitoring equipment to anyone interested in learning more about Pierce County streams and/or becoming a citizen scientist. To learn more about training opportunities contact Belinda.    

Stream Team Program Goals:
  • Educate citizens about stream ecology, stream health, human impacts on stream health
  • Involve citizens in observing, monitoring, and reporting stream conditions
  • Provide useful data/information to local jurisdictions
What does Stream Team monitor for?
  • Measure dissolved oxygen, water temperature, pH, nitrate-nitrogen, turbidity, and stream flow
  • Conduct an annual Habitat Assessment
2017 Stream Team Reports: Annual water quality reports of currently monitored sites in jurisdictions for the past water year (October 1, 2016 - September 30, 2017)

2017 Bonney Lake 
2017 Buckley
2017 Gig Harbor
2017 Lakewood
2017 Milton
2017 Pierce County
2017 Puyallup
2017 Tacoma
2017 University Place