Streamside Plantings

Plant trees and shrubs along streams to filter polluted runoff before it enters our local streams.

Why plant a streamside?
Planting stream banks with native trees and shrubs provide many benefits to water quality.  Streamside plants help intercept pollution before it flows into stream water, leaves and woody material provide food to many of the stream bugs living in the water, roots reduce erosion, and canopy cover keeps stream water cool.

Streamside Planting Assistance

Pierce Conservation District works with landowners to vegetate their streamsides.  Staff provide technical assistance with plant selection and weed management.  At times funding is available for plant material.

For a site visit to begin planning your streamside planting, contact Melissa at

Additional Resources
Depending on where you live additional funding may be available.  Current funding programs include:

Sound Native Plants is a wholesale nursery located in Olympia that has helpful reference documents to help you plan your own streamside planting.

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