Depave Puget sound

Being surrounded by pavement is not healthy for our communities and it's time to rethink. Depave Puget Sound is a mission to address the number one source of pollution in Puget Sound: polluted stormwater runoff. Join the regional movement to transform paved spaces throughout Puget Sound.

Transform Your Neighborhood!

You can nominate a community space to be transformed from a paved hard surface to a beautifully landscaped green space where rain water can soak into the ground instead of carrying pollution to Puget Sound.
Contact Melissa.

See the example the Dometop Neighborhood Council Set for improving their community here!

Why Remove Pavement?

Paved surfaces are the number one contributor to water pollution.  Runoff, as it flows over paved surfaces, picks up and carries urban pollutants to local streams and Puget Sound.  By finding and removing unnecessary pavement and transforming these spaces into green space we allow runoff to seep into the soil instead of picking up pollutants from pavement before running into stormdrains and then into Puget Sound.

Pavement Removal Assistance

Pierce Conservation District works with community groups to transform overly paved urban areas into green space.  We are continually looking for new projects and partnerships on private and public properties.

If you want to nominate a site in the community contact Melissa.

Additional Resources
Depave is the original pavement removal organization doing this work.  They have plenty of additional resources, from How-To guides to video.

Who else is Depaving around Puget Sound
Depave Puget Sound is a regional partnership of private and public agencies from Bellingham to Olympia.  If you are interested in learning more about what is happening around you, contact Melissa to learn more.

Contact Us 

Melissa Buckingham 

Water Quality Program Director 

Phone: 253.845.9770 ext. 109