Urban Tree Planting

Plant a tree to intercept rain hitting the ground, which will reduce the amount of runoff from your property.

Why Urban Trees?
Urban trees are now understood to be a central part of green infrastructure systems and provide a range of benefits. Trees improve our urban spaces by beautifying neighborhoods, reducing the urban heat island effect, cleaning the air, reducing polluted runoff, and provide shade that lengthens the life of materials. In the summer, shadier streets also means lower neighborhood temperatures, which can reduce the air pollution that increase asthma rates.

Urban Tree Sale

Pierce Conservation District’s Urban Tree Sale helps residents across Pierce County plant trees around their homes and along their streets through significantly discounted trees, planting resources, education, and ongoing support. Planting trees will help clean our air and water, make our streets more walkable, and our neighborhoods healthier. 

Click HERE to shop for trees through our annual Urban Tree sale now!

*Please note: PCD is and will continue to take precautions regarding Covid-19 and follow CDC health standards until further notice. This may affect the way we typically run this program along with its mandatory workshops. But worry not, workshops will go on one way or another with safety in mind, and you'll still get your trees!

Additional Resources

The City of Tacoma has a Tree Coupon program to help pay for a new tree.  

The National Tree Benefit Calculator puts a value to your urban tree.  A cool way to understand the benefit of your current trees and tool to help you select your next tree.

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