Urban Trees

Why Plant Urban Trees?

Before our cities and farms were built, Pierce County had old trees and diverse forests that provided a lot of benefits to the people and wildlife, including soak up rainwater and limiting runoff. As we built roads and cities, trees were cleared, which removed one of our best tools to combat polluted stormwater runoff. Now, cities across the country are planting trees in urban areas to help soak up the rain, clean the air, reduce heat in developed neighborhoods, and provided habitat to wildlife and pollinators. 

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A Chinese proverb says that the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second-best time is now. If you’re ready to help reforest your neighborhood, you can get great, discounted trees from the Pierce Conservation District’s Urban Tree Sale, which helps residents across Pierce County plant trees around their homes and along their streets. Purchasing a tree from our Urban Tree Sale also comes with planting resources, education, and ongoing support.

Are you ready to help reforest your neighborhood? Check out these tips as you plan for your new tree and order your tree from our Urban Tree Sale today! You can find even more support to get started by visiting our resources page.


To learn more about getting urban trees for your community, fill out this form and PCD staff will follow up with you.

How it Works

1. Pick Your Spot. Before you get your trees, find the perfect place to plant. District staff can meet you on site to identify potential planting locations and recommend the right tree species for your space.

2. Reserve Your Trees. Go to our Urban Tree Sale website to reserve up to three trees per household.

3. Attend A Workshop. When you attend our Tree Planting Workshop, you'll get the skills and tools you need to successfully plant your tree and keep it healthy for years to come. 

4. Take Your Trees Home. After the workshop, you'll take home your trees, a watering bucket, and all the information you need to plant and care for your new trees!

5. Watch Your Trees Grow. After planting your tree, give it plenty of water to help it get established and grow. District staff are available to help you with any big maintenance problems your facing.