Electric Fencing

Temporary Electric Fence Rental

Interested in improving your grazing management? Pierce Conservation District rents two types of temporary electric fence – Gallagher SmartFence II and Premier1 Electronetting. From chickens to cattle, these options can help you try more intensive pasture management before committing to permanent infrastructure or costly equipment.

Permanent Electric Fencing Tools

The district has electric fencing tools available for loan. Tools include:

  • wire payout spinner
  • in-line wire tightener
  • 3-hole wire tightening tool
  • strainer handle
  • post hole digger
  • ironwood post pounder


There is no rental fee for use of the tools of temporary fence, but we ask that you leave a $50 refundable deposit


For more information, contact René Skaggs or Robin Buckingham or call 253-845-9770.