Native Plant Sale

Pre-Orders are open from Nov. 1st to January 15th 2020!
Place your order at and orders will be available for pickup March 2nd - 5th.

 Each year, The District offers a wide variety of bare-root native plants to the public at low cost.

See below why you should consider native plants for your landscaping, natural areas, rain gardens, and more! 

Native plants have specifically evolved to grow in our unique environment, so they're good at handling our sometimes challenging climate and soils.
Ind Plum1

Benefits of native plants include: 
  • Less maintenance
  • Less watering
  • No fertilizer or pesticides needed
  • Healthier soil
  • Reduced weed growth
  • Support wildlife
  • Support native pollinators
  • Decrease water runoff
  • Erosion control/soil stabilization
  • Restore natural areas; including forests, streams, and wetlands
Spread the word about the benefits of using native plants and The District’s plant sale by telling your neighbors, friends, relatives, and co-workers about it! 

Pre-Order Online
You may pre-order online Nov.1st through Jan. 15th .

Pick up Orders and Walk Up Sale

Pre-Orders will be available for pick-up March 2nd-5th. More details are available at 
Sorry no walk up sale for 2021.