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Pierce Conservation District offers numerous workshops throughout the year on wide ranging topics that can help improve your property and impact conservation efforts throughout Pierce County. You can browse some of our workshops by category below or visit our general calendar to see a full list of upcoming events, workshops, and volunteer opportunities.

Group Workshops
If you or your group or business would like to request a workshop, your Pierce Conservation District technicians are here to help with several great topics up our sleeves. From buffers to electric fencing to fertilizer applications to manure, mud, pasture management and more. Workshops are a great way to generate interest and conversation and get people to come through your business’ door

  1. Farm Workshops
  2. Water Quality Workshops
  3. Harvest Pierce County Workshops
  4. Habitat Improvement Workshops
  1. April 15

    Fertilizing Pastures and Hay Fields with Manure and Organic Amendments Meeting your crop nutrient goals with manures and organic amendments while staying balanced can be tricky! Join us for this virtual workshop where we will cover how to correct nutrient deficiencies and how to develop a long-term plan for improving fertility and soil health in your pastures or hay fields.
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  2. April 29

    Tips for Buying Farmland Are you thinking of buying farmland? Join Thurston Conservation District and Natural Resource Conservation Service agency for a virtual workshop to learn how to assess soils, understanding regulations, and being aware of conservation programs can make this process easier.
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  3. May 11

    Backyard Stewardship Join our partners at Thurston Conservation District to learn about backyard stewardship! This online workshop will focus on practices around your yard that will help you be a good steward of our shared waters.
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  4. May 20

    Managing Noxious Weeds for Livestock Join our partners at Thurston Conservation District l to learn about local noxious weeds, their impacts on livestock, and safe and effective ways to control, remove, and dispose of these species.
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  5. May 25

    Pasture Management Farm Tour Join us to tour a 50 acre cattle, horse, and hay farm. We will be joined by NRCS Agronomist Marty Chaney, Gudrun Mahrt of Columbia River Carbonates, and sheep farmer and owner of Kiwi Fencing, Warrick Bryant to discuss increasing pasture forage production and decreasing weed competition. Learn how to assess pasture production, identify weeds and various control methods for them, determine fertilizer rates, and maximize forage outputs.
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