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Regional Conservation Program Open House - Shelstad

  1. Farmland in the Puyallup Watershed is rapidly disappearing. 8 partners are investing over $14 million to permanently conserve the farmland we have left.

    This is a voluntary program open to all working land owners in the Puyallup Watershed. If you are interested in protecting your farm, please fill out the attached survey and return it to Pierce Conservation District.

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  3. If you're interested in more information about the Regional Conservation Partnership Opportunities, please fill out the survey below.

  4. Is the property you'd like to protect in the Puyallup Watershed?

    Only working lands in the Puyallup Watershed are eligible for this program.

  5. What is your interest level in selling your development rights?

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  7. What is your interest level in implementing Conservation Practices on your land?

  8. How would you like to be reached?

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