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Environmental Education

  1. Teacher Interest Form

    Connect with our EE program

Equipment Rentals

  1. Poultry Processing Unit Request Form

    Request a reservation for our poultry processing unit and make the processing of your chickens, ducks, and turkeys much easier.

Farm & Ag

  1. FireWise Chipper Reservation

    Some of the ways that you can create defensible space against wildfire are removing low-hanging tree limbs and debris from near your... More…

  2. Greenwater Restoration & Planting Day

    To help create defensible space in the case of a wildfire and to eradicate an invasive weed, the District is organizing volunteers to... More…

  3. Renewable Energy Development Assistance Request Form

    Pierce Conservation District is starting a new program to help farmers and rural property owners with technical assistance in lowering... More…

  4. Succession Planning Workshop - Part 2
  1. FireWise Site Assessment

    Pierce Conservation District staff are prepared to perform site assessments for either individual properties or communities to... More…

  2. Manure Bin Test

    Application to receive Manure Bin

  3. Succession Planning Workshop - Part 1
  4. Workshop Registration Form - Template

    Just a Template


  1. Switch to Digital Communications

    In an effort to improve our communications with our constituents, the District is improving and streamlining our online presence. Help... More…


  1. South Prairie Creek Preserve Planting Party Dec 16

    On December 16, we will focus on getting the last of our Fall planting complete before Winter really sets in! With the help of... More…

  2. Workshop Registration Form - Template

    Just a Template

  1. South Prairie Creek Preserve Planting Party Dec 2

    On December 16, we will focus on getting the last of our Fall planting complete before Winter really sets in! With the help of... More…


  1. 2018 Application for Community Garden Fruit Trees

    With the generous support from City of Tacoma Public Works and Utilities and the Urban Forestry Program, Harvest Pierce County is happy... More…

  2. Community Garden Grievances Form

    By filling out this form, your grievance will be read by the steering committee who will discuss this matter with Harvest Pierce County... More…

  3. Garden Give Back Day

    We all could use some help from our friends. Join us on Saturday, June 25th and help McCarver Community Garden for our first Community... More…

  4. Garden Info Submission Form

    Community Garden Leaders can now submit your plot maps and gardener contact lists online!

  5. Garden Resources Request Form

    Fill out this request form for additional resources and we'll get in touch with you right away!

  6. Workshop Registration Form - Template

    Just a Template

  1. Annual Seed Swap, Story Share, & Potluck Registration

    Every seed has a story – the land and climate that has shaped them, the hands that carried them from one place to the next, and the... More…

  2. Community Garden Plot Application Form

    Would you like to join a community garden in Pierce County? Use our map tool to help you find gardens close to you and fill out this... More…

  3. Garden Incident Report Form

    A form to submit reports on theft at community gardens.

  4. Garden Party 2017

    Come show your support for Harvest Pierce County! A donation to Harvest Pierce County goes a long way to keep communities connected,... More…

  5. Recipe Submission Form

    Thanks for submitting a recipe to the growing HPC community recipe book! Please fill out the form below and feel free to leave comments... More…

Water Quality

  1. 2017 Urban Tree Sale Workshop Sign-up

    Pierce Conservation District’s Urban Tree Program helps residents across Pierce County plant trees around their homes and along their... More…

  2. Gilmur Grubbers Work Parties

    The Gilmur Grubbers have taken on maintaining Thelma Gilmur Park, the only wetland park in Fircrest. The group meets the first Monday... More…

  3. Meeker Minions Work Parties

    The Meeker Minions Habitat Stewards continue to work hard at maintaining and restoring the new beautiful habitat at our Meeker Creek... More…

  4. Stream Team Training

    Looking for an opportunity to engage in your local watershed? What to participate in citizen science? Or simply want to spend time... More…

  1. Adriana Hess Work Parties

    The Adriana Hess Habitat Stewards work to maintain valuable open space at the Adriana Hess Wetland Park, which is home to the Tahoma... More…

  2. Habitat Steward Log Form

    Habitat Stewards can use this form to log your observations of the Habitat Management Units you work in.

  3. Storm Drain Curb Marking Volunteers

    We would love to have your help in making sure our waters stay clean and healthy for all to use. Storm drain marking are done during... More…