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  1. Wed, December 2

    AgCOI Get Together The Agriculture Community of Interest has had a wonderful first year! This wouldn't have been possible without the work of so many members. Join the full team at Arista for a rare chance to see every member of the COI at the same time. A chance to meet all of the members of the AgCOI, including the Farmer Advisory Council
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  2. Thu, December 3

    Regular Board Meeting Regular Board Meeting
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  3. Thu, December 10

    Agritourism Workshop 3 This is the third and final agritourism workshop of 2015. There has been amazing work done to develop our ideas, put some resources behind them, and now finally get them ready for the public! Check out some of the notes from past agritourism workshops, and join us in Orting on December 10th for a discussion-based format that will end with solid next steps for marketing materials.
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  1. Fri, December 18

    Agriculture Roundtable Breakfast Club Each month, the AgCOI coordinator, the WSU Extension Pierce County Director and the Pierce County Ag Program Manager will be having breakfast in the delicious Orting Bakery. If you are an existing farmer, or even just following an interest, join us over a cup of coffee to talk about any specific issues that you would like help to resolve on your farm. We may not be able to solve the problem here, but you will have our undivided attention, and we can work together as a team to come up with a pl…
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  2. Wed, January 6

    Bale Silage (Haylage): Producing, Feeding and Ration Balancing Round and rectangular bale silage is gaining steadily in popularity as a method of preserving a high-quality and palatable grass forage. In western Washington, with its abundant spring and early summer rains, making traditional hay before the 4th of July is a gamble at best. Since hay silage is baled with a higher moisture content and requires a smaller window of weather opportunity, more and more Pacific Northwest dairy and livestock producers are looking to this method of ensiling to help them…
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  3. Thu, January 7

    Raising and Processing Ducks for Meat Ducks are a versatile bird, producing large tasty eggs and flavorful meat. Here at the district, we are seeing a steady increase in the number of producers renting our poultry processing equipment specifically to process ducks. Scott Gruber of Calendula Farm exclusively raises Pekin ducks for their meat and eggs, which he sells from his farm business and at the Proctor Farmers Market in Tacoma. Pekins are a large-bodied bird that reach market weight early at 7-9 weeks and are fairly good egg pro…
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